5 Reasons Your Child Should be Practising a Martial Art

5 Reasons Your Child Should be Practising a Martial Art

The Benefits of Your Child Learning Martial Arts

If you have a child, you know the huge importance of enrolling them in activities. Sports, dancing, piano lessons or guitar lessons, and of course, martial arts. This is absolutely critical in developing social skills, talents, the importance of having a hobby, and a little bit of discipline.

Plus, it gives you some extra free time with the kids out of the house.

But why choose martial arts? Well, for a lot of reasons. Children are like sponges. The best time to start learning a skill, an art form, or a martial art is when they are young. The hard part is knowing what your child will enjoy.

Maybe little Susan prefers kicking people in the shins more than learning Beethoven's symphonies. And maybe little Tommy would prefer practicing karate rather than shooting hoops.

Let's check out the five best reasons that practicing martial arts is great for your child.


Building Confidence

Children are confused. There is no getting around it. Children don't know themselves yet, they don't know who they are yet, and they are trapped for 8 hours a day in a room with 30 other kids who mostly know how to be mean. It is not surprising that almost every child and every teenager has an issue with their self-confidence.

Martial arts can help children build their self-confidence. Learning any new skill is a great way to encourage confidence in anybody, a child or an adult. For the developing young mind, knowing that they are good at something, that they are achieving something, and having them be praised for their new skills by an elder is absolutely invaluable.

Every martial art is going to encourage continual development. As your child moves up in the ranks, learns more and participates more at the martial arts gym, they are inevitably going to gain confidence. This is also helped through healthy competition with their peers. In fact, martial arts competitions are some of the fastest growing competitions in the world.


Making Friends

Friends are extremely important to every child's development. The friends children make while young are often going to be the friends they take with them through their entire lives. One of the great things about learning martial arts is that your child will not be learning alone. They will typically be in a class with other children who are also interested in martial arts, who are around the same age, and who are also eager to make friends.

This is especially useful if your child is having a difficult time making good friends at school or on the playground. It may also be useful to enroll your child in a martial arts gym outside of their familiar area. This will introduce them to new friends who live in different districts and maybe different cities, thereby broadening their social structure from a young age.


Learning Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important things a child needs to learn. It is also one of the things that is most lacking in children these days. There is evidently a lack of discipline in the school system and, more often than not, in home settings. This is nobody's fault, but it is true nonetheless.

Martial arts can help by putting an undisciplined child into a situation where they need to play by the rules, listen attentively to their instructors, and behave themselves. You can almost think of enrolling your child in a martial art like sending them off to a more fun version of boot camp.

That is not to say that learning martial arts means beating your child with bamboo and making them stand in the corner. It does however promote discipline through training and healthy encouragement. If you have a child who won't listen to you or their teachers, there is a high probability that your child will listen to their Kung Fu master.

And if your child learns discipline at the martial arts studio, they are likely to bring it home and even carry their discipline with them through life.


Staying Healthy

One of the biggest concerns today in our society is staying healthy. In fact, we seem to be at a divergence. At the same time that gym culture, vegan eating, and social responsibility are all sweeping the planet, we are also trapped in a world where unhealthy attitudes and behaviors are encouraged.

For your child, keeping them healthy should be a huge priority. In a world of social media addiction, rampant computer game addiction, and being able to order food, clothing, and whatever else you need straight to your door, it is important to encourage healthy physical activities.

There is no healthier activity than martial arts. Enrolling a young child in martial arts is a fantastic way to keep them fit and healthy for the long run. Even if they only go once or twice a week, they are likely to learn healthy habits that will stick with them for life.

Plus, if they fall in love with martial arts, they will continue to practice. Your young child may grow into a mean, lean, fighting machine. They will grow to appreciate the physical activity and living an active lifestyle.


Introduce Them to the Real World

There is nothing worse than a young child too fixated on social media and the internet. It is just too easy for a young and impressionable mind to be sucked into the superficial world of electronic interactions and faux social hierarchies.

What’s the way out? Sign up your kid for martial arts! This will help build your child's social structure in the real world. It will introduce them to healthy competition, where the best fighter wins, and it will show them a life outside their virtual one, and outside of school.

Considering that most martial arts first originated it in the East, enrolling your child in something like karate or Muay Thai is an excellent way of introducing them to the world at large.

Children who have a better understanding of the entire Earth, meaning that they know early on that their home and neighborhood are not the centre of the universe, are going to grow into more understanding people. Introducing them to different cultures early in life is an excellent way to give them a head start and to broaden their horizons.