A Guide to Using Your OdoClear Bags

Glove Deodoriser

Some Facts About Our Product:

- Perfect for boxing gloves, shoes, gym bags, football boots and other types of sports equipment that create moisture/smell

- Prevents bacteria

- Environmentally friendly

- Reusable for up to two years

- Non-Toxic & Non-scented

- Can be recharged in sunlight

- Filled with 100% natural bamboo charcoal which absorbs odour and moisture to ensure longer use of your product

- Sold as a pair (each bag is 75g)

Best practices for using the OdoClear bags:

Tired of your smelly boxing gloves, shoes, or drawers? Then look no further.

For best practices, simply insert one OdoClear bag into the desired product for a few hours, the longer the better.

Once you are ready to use your item again, simply take the OdoClear bags out, and leave them in a safe place for re-use.

After a few months of use, make sure to recharge them in sunlight to ensure that they last for up to two years.

Once your OdoClear Bags have reached the end of their life cycle, cut open the bag and sprinkle it on the soil in your garden. This will help plants absorb nutrients from the soil.