An interview with Terry 'The Dominator' Brazier

An interview with Terry 'The Dominator' Brazier

BAMMA announce that BAMMA European Champion Terry 'The Dominator' Brazier has re-signed with the promotion on a long term contract.

Read below to see what Terry had to answer for a few of our questions.

  1. You recently unified the welterweight title at BAMMA 29. What can we expect from you now that you’re the undisputed champion?

I will be unifying the belts in March when I beat the current world champion becoming the undisputed BAMMA champion of the world


  1. What are your immediate plans going forward? When can we expect to see you fighting next?

I have just resigned with BAMMA I love the promotion and I'm happy here building myself as a brand and a fighter for the near future.


  1. You have had some recent social media altercations with Alex Lahore, could you expand on that? What are your thoughts on him?

Alex la Bitch has been avoiding me calling out everyone but me because he knows I'm his biggest threat


  1. Will you continue to fight at welterweight or would you consider going up or down for another belt?

WW is a good weight for me right now as I don't need to cut too much, if they put a new weight class in between weight I would go down to 165 for sure.


  1. What are your future goals?

World title, defend it twice then look to move to the UFC I guess.


  1. Is there anyone in your mind right now that you’d like to square off with?

I'd square off with anyone that wants it if the money's right and it makes sense then I'm game.


  1. We’ve seen other fighters such as Tom Duquesnoy recently progress onto the UFC. Do you see yourself following suit soon?

The UFC is the goalyeah, but it will happen in good time when I'm ready and when they think I'm ready, but I'd step in there with any of their WW's right now.


  1. If you could fight anyone from any promotion, who would it be and why?

I don't want to fight anyone right now but Alex as he has the belt that I want then after that I will defend against anyone BAMMA want me to.