Boris Crighton wins on debut

Boris Crighton wins on debut

Boris Crighton made his debut as a professional on BBC Scotland last week. Relaxing after training we discussed this, his amateur career and what the future may hold.


You finally made your debut as it was originally meant to be June and stopped your opponent (Ivo Krastev) in the 2nd round, how would you analyse your own performance?


“Yea it should have been June but was put back, I missed a couple of good shows but it was a good platform to be live on the BBC, the last time I fought was April and I’ve been itching for ages to get out.

I felt comfortable, relaxed and confident in there and thought it was a natural transition into the pro game. I was happy, I was able to take my time and let my shots go when I wanted to rather than try and rush things and bomb him out, I took my time and the punches came”


You are back out in November in front of your home fans up in Aberdeen


“I’ll be out in another 6 rounder, we are starting fast and hope to keep it going that way. I’m confident in my ability and that I’ve got the fitness, strength and stamina to do 6 rounds. There is no point tip toeing around, I didn’t get much chance to make any real mistakes in my first fight so I’m looking forward to bigger tests. It’s not always going to be the case that you can go in and blow guys away, some guys are really tough and know how to survive as well as giving you a test back. It’s not just physically it’s also mentally being able to do the rounds and the mental battle is the most important thing”


Give us some background to your amateur career and what would you say are the biggest differences for you as a pro?


“I had 55 fights and lost 14, I fought internationally 22 times and only lost 5 of those. I won the Scottish Championships twice and also the British twice. As far as the differences are concerned it’s just the rounds really and having to train for 6 or 8 rounds, before we trained for 3 rounds and train to start fast as you want to make sure you win the first round. The other change is that I don’t feel I have to rush my work and that’s really good. I feel I had quite a natural pro-style anyway and didn't really rush my work so I think I’ll be suited well to this. I’ve walked in front of the camera before so it didn’t feel too different when I went out as I’ve been under the lights and the cameras before”


You have moved from Aberdeen down to Glasgow to train with Craig Dickson, what’s it like training down there with the other guys?


“I moved to Glasgow in June to prepare for my first scheduled fight and it’s worked out well. We have a fantastic team and we work so well together. Kash Farooq is a quiet guy and comes into the gym and gets his work done, then you have the “bomb squad” boys Jordan McCorry and Ross Murray who are an absolute menace but all in good fun. I’m just a laid-back person so I’m like in the middle and it all fits well. Working with Craig Dickson has been great as well as he enhances our existing styles rather than trying to get us all fighting the same way. I can also get more sparring down here and have been lucky to have been sparring with David Brophy and Aston Brown who are both really good guys, travelling can take it all out of you so that was another factor in moving down to Glasgow”


You came in at light heavy for the first fight but you ultimately plan on fighting at super middle, what do you make of the division domestically?


“Obviously in Scotland, our top guy is David Brophy, then there is Rhys Pagan and Tommy Philbin but the whole UK division is exciting, with Callum Smith, George Groves and Chris Eubank Jnr. It’s great to think I could be involved in a division like this. UK boxing is buzzing right now and the crowds that it draws in is incredible these days. Outside of Anthony Joshua, the super middleweight is a division that’s making a lot of noise right now”


With you starting off in a 6 rounder, are you looking to be fast-tracked over the next 12 months?


“Definitely, that is the plan as with the pedigree I have I didn’t want to spend too much time doing 4 rounders so we decided to go with the 6 and push on. At the same time, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew so we will plan it out and do it in a cautious and mindful way. My management team are also there to protect me from going too fast and they will help plot out the best route for me.


Speaking of management, what made you go with St Andrew’s Sporting Club?


“I sat down with other promoters but I just gravitated towards Iain Wilson more. Also, with me moving to Glasgow and being less well known there it means I’m not a massive ticket seller just yet. Being with a team that the pressure is taken away somewhat was a better choice for me. It also allows me to get on some other shows like the one in Aberdeen”


For that next fight in Aberdeen on 24th November, what can the fans look forward to seeing?


“It’s a great show to be on as it’s at home but also it will be a full house for sure with the other fighters on the bill and two Title fights. You are going to see me being relaxed and confident but explosive. We will work on speed and timing and you're going to see something explosive. It’s the shots you don’t expect that put you down!”


Boris would like to thank his sponsors A1 Fight Gear form their support.


Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact Boris on his Facebook page or Twitter @Bobizzel