British Title fight at St Andrew’s Sporting Club

British Title fight at St Andrew’s Sporting Club

Iain Wilson was delighted to announce that Kash Farooq will take on Jamie Wilson in an all Scottish clash for the British Bantamweight Title on 27th September at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Glasgow.

“It’s been 25 years since the British Title has been fought for at the St Andrews Sporting Club, which was between Drew Docherty and Donnie Hood so it’s a massive night for the club and one we are all looking forward to. It’s a huge fight for Scottish boxing and huge for these lads, they are 2 really nice guys and 2 solid pros”

“We will also have Ross Murray and Boris Crighton on the undercard so it will be a great night of boxing. The other thing that is exciting and I’m delighted to say is that Jim Watt who fought at the opening the club in 1973 will become a patron of the club that night as well which for me is a great thing and a real honour. It’s also very fitting as it’s the first time since I’ve taken over the club that we will have had a British Title fight. This is season five since I took the club over and the key thing for me is to have these title nights so to have a British Title fight in our 5th season is fantastic”

Speaking to the fighters themselves Jamie Wilson was relishing having the opportunity to fight for the British Title again having lost out on a controversial points decision to Josh Wale last year.

“This is my 2nd fight with St Andrews so to be fighting for the Lonsdale belt so quickly is amazing. I’ve had a bit of bad luck with injuries to my elbow, it has happened twice with both times being when I was actually sparring Kash so I couldn’t have been any unluckier with that. The 2nd time it took a while to heal. I’ve got no problems now though and I’ve been in some good dust-ups to test it. I’m training with Chris McAdam at Noble Art gym and we are working on a game-plan just now, we are hoping to get Reece McFadden to help with some sparring which would be fantastic and maybe someone else as well”

“As I’ve sparred so often with Kash in the past I know what I’m getting myself into, he has great head movement with sharp punches and is technically a good boxer. He is probably a bit of a come forward fighter but we will both change things for this fight as you have to adapt to your opponent. Anything can happen in a fight and one punch can change everything, this is a massive fight for Scotland.  I’ve never been so up for a fight in my life and I’m going to win this fight, I’m ready for 12 rounds but if it comes easier then it comes easier. I’ve got a bit more experience as well; I think this will be my hardest test so far. Josh Wale was meant to be but I didn’t think he was and still believe I won that fight. It might go the distance but once I start sinking in those heavy shots we will see what happens”

Kash Farooq was equally confident in his ability to come out on top.

“It’s been frustrating with the last fight against Josh Wale falling through; I’ve dedicated myself to this though and haven’t taken any time off. This is my work and now that it’s on a home venue it couldn’t have worked out better, my trainer Craig Dickson said that everything happens for a reason so maybe this is the reason. Iain Wilson has pulled it out of the bag again and he has done me and Jamie a really good turn by getting the fight up here in Glasgow”

“Jamie is gritty but that can only take you so far, he obviously likes to go for it but I think right at this moment I’m too hungry and I want it too much. I don’t care what is happening around me, I’m focused in the gym and concentrating on this title. I can see a few weaknesses when we have sparred but at the end of the day a fight is a completely different thing, the small gloves and the different weight compared to sparring gloves and being fully hydrated. To win this British Title will be very emotional for me; I would be the first Pakistani boxer to win the Lonsdale belt so that would be a huge thing. If you had told me 3 or 4 years ago that this is where my career would have gone I wouldn’t have believed you. I am very confident in winning this fight; whatever it takes I’m willing to do in order to get that belt”

Ross Murray who will feature on the undercard was looking ahead to a 6 round fight against an as yet unnamed opponent and admitted he is still hopeful of another title challenge.

“There was potentially the chance to fight for the Commonwealth Title against Jay Harris but that fell through so as I wasn’t on any shows we agreed to get involved on this card and it's great as I’ve never fought at St Andrew's before so I’m looking forward to it. This will be my 10th fight so I feel really happy considering I wasn’t even going to turn pro, I’ve fought on World Title bills, I’ve fought at the Hydro, I’ve been on undercards for Ricky Burns and Billy Joe Saunders so I’ve kind of ticked the boxes that I wanted to tick. It would be great to win a title though but in Scotland, there is no title at my weight as it’s only me so it would have to be British or European that we look at”

Now working with trainer Craig Dickson, Ross also explained how the move came about.

“Peter Harrison trained me since I was an amateur and he’s done everything in the game, the main thing was getting focused time as he had around 7 or 8 guys so it was difficult. When I moved to Craig he only had Kash so could devote more time to me, I liked the way Craig had Kash boxing and his philosophy I thought it would suit me. My first fight with him was the Sunny Edwards European Title fight which probably wasn’t ideal as I was caught between two styles but at least I can always say I was undefeated until I moved to him and blame Craig for giving me my first loss laughed Ross”

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