Dean Sutherland reflects on 2018

Dean Sutherland reflects on 2018

Dean Sutherland has already been touted as a potential future world champion by his manager Sam Kynoch despite only having had 3 fights and no amateur boxing career. With what should be his last fight of the year approaching on 30th November on the Kynoch Promotions show at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow we discussed how he has felt about 2018 and what he is looking forward to in 2019.


Dean will be up against Vinny Atkins in his first scheduled 6 round bout which is a step up from previous fights. The talented Aberdonian admitted he did not know too much about his opponent simply saying.  “I tend not to worry too much about that at the moment and see each fight as a learning fight”


I was keen to find out which fight Dean felt he had learnt most from so far.


“I would say the Kevin McCauley fight, not just what it taught me about the fight itself but more about what I learnt about myself. It was at middleweight and to be honest it was too big a weight for me as I lost some of my speed. I felt sluggish and my movement slowed down in the later rounds so at least I definitely know that’s not a weight category I want to be fighting at for future fights. One of my priorities moving forward is to get my weight down and keep it down, I think I want to be competing at welterweight but competing consistently. I’ve been speaking to a dietician and we will look to get things like that sorted out for next year. By the looks of it I could already have 3 fights lined up for before the end of March which would be brilliant”


There is no doubt that Dean is learning and improving fast with every fight, I wondered what he thought he had improved on most this year along with anything he would have changed.


“I would say tactically I’m better along with balance and positioning as I’m getting more used to boxing as opposed to the kickboxing. I don’t have the amateur experience but I do think I have the ability to learn and pick things up fairly quickly and apply them. The more rounds I have gotten I’ve also been able to pick things up from my fights or sparring”


“In terms of what I would change I would say that I would maybe try to fight a bit more regularly which I know might sound daft as I will have been out 4 times in 6 months but I really want to be out fighting as much as possible. Next year I would like to be out a minimum of 8 times. I don’t want to have long breaks in between fights, the quicker you can get yourself up the rankings the quicker you can get the bigger fights”


Previously when we have chatted Dean has mentioned he would like to go full time as a professional as at present he is still serving his apprenticeship as an electrician. With his feet planted firmly on the ground, Dean was taking a sensible approach to this.


“That’s still the plan but I want to make sure I complete my apprenticeship first so I have something to fall back on if I need it. Hopefully I can move into full-time training by the summer next year. I think the difference that will make is that I will get proper recovery sessions and it would all be planned out a bit better. It can be a bit rushed at the moment fitting it in around work and having to get up so early in the morning and doing what I can. I will also be able to do more strength and conditioning work as that’s one of the things that I maybe haven’t done enough of yet”



Moving into 6 round fights is a step Dean feels ready for now, he also went on to outline where he would like to see himself positioned at the end of 2019 with another potential 8 fights under his belt.


“I would ideally be touching on the door of the top 20 in the UK. Guys like Martin Harkin and Ally Black are around about there and I’d like to think I could be at that level. If I could fight for some form of title then that would be great too”


With Paul Kean also training at the same Skyaxe gym as Dean around the same weight category, I enquired if they were competing at the same weight would that be a fight that Dean could see happening.


“I don’t think we could fight as it would tarnish the reputation of the gym with all the lead up to it and aftermath. Also, we are really close mates, we have really good competitive spars but I think that’s all it should be. If we were forced into it then possibly it could happen but I’d prefer it not to. There are plenty other options out there around my weight without us having to get together. He’s on the show next week as well and he has been looking great in training”


Dean’s stablemate Hannah Rankin who is also under the Kynoch Promotions banner fought for a world title last week. Unfortunately, she was beaten by the talented Claressa Shields, Dean was quick to praise his fellow Scot.


“I thought she did brilliant and hats off to her, you wouldn’t see many people with that level of experience compared to their opponent jumping into a world title fight with someone of that calibre. You can tell Hannah wasn’t in it for the money or the publicity she just really wanted to win that title and prove to herself where she is at. That is one thing Hannah is fantastic for as you will never see her back down from a fight. It doesn’t matter who the name is, what their reputation is or what the belt is, if Hannah gets asked, she will take the fight”


Finally, I wanted to know what fans could expect next week against Vinny Atkins.


“I would say they can expect me to be a lot more ruthless and apply much more higher pressure to him. I’ve been working a lot on putting combinations together rather than just sitting back. Hopefully, it will be a short night and I can get a stoppage but we’ll have to wait and see”


Written by Jon Bruce