Future fight: AJ v Fury?

Future fight: AJ v Fury?

Fresh off his dramatic victory over former undisputed heavyweight of the world Wladimir Klitschko, AJ took no time in addressing the constant aggravation from Tyson Fury. Clearly still full of adrenaline, Joshua took the mic and said “Tyson, where you at baby? Come on; is that what you want to see? I enjoy fighting. I love fighting. Tyson Fury, I know he has been talking a lot and wants to come back and compete”.Fury, who opened up the heavyweight division and ultimately made the Wembley fight possible by unexpectedly dethroning Klitschko in Dusseldorf in 2015, responded on social media with “Well done Anthony Joshua, good fight, you had life and death with Klitschko and I played with the guy, let’s dance”.  

Tyson, who is currently suspended without a boxing licence, finally looks to have reinvigorated himself following the descent his career suffered after he became heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson has always been an extravagant character within the boxing scene; you’ve only got to look at the batman prank during the press conference of his fight with Klitschko for proof of that. Yet, after achieving the ‘impossible’ out in Germany, he surprisingly then got suspended by the BBBofC with highly reported issues with drugs, weight and depression and an ongoing saga with UKAD over doping allegations. However, with his eye on a multi-million pound showdown with Joshua, he has returned to training and is determined to get his boxing licence reinstated     

 Another factor which would prevent the fight from happening till at least 2018 is AJ’s contractual obligations. His next opponent will most certainly be either Klitschko or Kubrat Pulev. Whether Klitschko activates the rematch clause is still to be decided, and may be determined on where the fight is held; be it U.K or abroad. But, if Klitschko opts out of it, Joshua will have to defend his IBF title against 36-year old Pulev. AJ said: “So either it will be Klitschko, which would be great, or Pulev, which would be great. I am not bothered either way”.

Will Fury be able to withstand Joshua’s power and athleticism? Will he outpoint him over the distance? Does Fury have too much speed and boxing ability for a still inexperienced Joshua?

These are all questions worth considering, although we do have a slight insight considering the 2 sparred back in 2010. Joshua, a 20 year old prospect preparing for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and Fury a professional novice with 9 wins from 9 fights. Interestingly, the Gypsy King was full of praise for the young Olympian; “He's rushed out at me, he threw a one, two and a left hook and then bash - he hit me with a big uppercut right on the point of the chin. If I'd had a bit of a weak chin like David Price, I'd have been knocked out for a month.”

 Fury has a very unpredictable and twitchy style, and throws punches from various, awkward angles. Considering his 6 foot 9 frame, he is very quick and mobile, with both feet and hands. This very style enabled him to out-manoeuvre, out-skill and out-point Wladimir Klitschko to win those belts. Fury prevented the Ukrainian from landing big shots which concluded with him winning the fight without a scratch on him. Contrastingly, AJ is considered more orthodox, skills which have been honed in the Team GB Olympic set up and skills which earnt him a gold medal at the London 2012 games. So, Fury managed to out-box Wladmir Klitschko in a more technical contest over 12 rounds, but Joshua was involved in a war which ended in an 11th round, dramatic stoppage.

As highly as I rate Tyson Fury as a boxer, his slick ability, his 18 Knockouts from 25 fights, he is still not rated as a big puncher. Despite the dangers of the heavyweight division, I personally don’t feel Fury could hurt AJ, so would need to rely on being sharp; sharp movement, sharp jab, sharp mind.

The difference in styles has added fuel to the fire regarding a potential future fight between the pair, as AJ labelled called Fury ‘boring’ which enticed a reaction from the Gypsy King: “Better to win and be boring than getting dropped all over the floor and scraping a win. I never got punched, you got carried off the canvas nearly”.

We’re never going to know until they sign a contract; that’s providing Tyson receives good news from UKAD and the BBBofC first. What is for sure is; they both want the fight, so it’s more a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ the fight happens.

Photo credit: mirror.co.uk