No matter what walk of life, geographical location, faith or religion, we all have one thing in common: people are wired to want the best for their kids. Sports play a huge part in our well-being according to multiple studies. Even more importantly the spiritual element that martial arts like karate, boxing, and aikido cultivate in children may mean the difference between living a breathtaking, beautiful life that means something or just living a life without giving an f, which essentially is living a lie. 

So teaching your kids martial arts is a good decision for a variety of reasons right off the bat (if you’re thinking Krav Maga this is the pun for you). Exercise will not only enable your kids to live longer but it will also help them deal with depression, anxiety, and, even though you really don’t want to think about that right now - sex life issues. Ew. But hey, your basic instinct is survival, and sex is the basic instinct without which our whole species would go extinct very quickly. By the way, did we tell you martial arts are one of the best places to find good company and socialize? 

There are many, many pros to starting martial arts at an early age. Minuses? We can’t think of any, probably besides tuition fees, which are definitely worth it. Certainly looking back at our time doing ju-jitsu in a sort of fluffy haze of nostalgic sentiments we think with wistfulness of camaraderie, laughs, stupid horse jokes, a sense of belonging, a feeling of being in the right place at the right time, purple and amber skies, cheering crowds, knowing you’re safe with people who love you, people who you can rely on, people who will tell you the truth...hardly anything can come close to those nights out with friends. Bonds that were forged then remained for a lifetime. Did we regret spending a fiver on a 2-hour session? We’ve never underpaid this much for anything in our entire lives. We’d give hundreds now just to get it all back...Well, no more because our heads are shaking and we’re walking with sticks, but hey, maybe our children… 

What a brilliant idea.  

Introducing the beauty, love, and truth that UFC/kung-fu/boxing is about to a child at an early age would do so much for their, well, everything. There’s so much, in fact, that we should probably go through this list systematically. 


When it comes to being happy, health unequivocally is the number one factor. Regular exercise will help your children grow up with a better immune system to fight diseases, experience greater energy levels, fit in more laughs, work and play harder, and experience life fuller. Think of life with intense sports as opposed to without like someone just wiped your dirty grey car window squeaky clean with a soapy brush. Life is vibrant and brilliant when you’re healthy. 


Martial arts vary wildly from one to another, but one thing that they all teach is being able to concentrate on one subject for long periods of time (probably apart from capoeira, but you know what those guys are like). From kata in karate to memorizing guard passes and leg hooks in ju-jitsu all the way through Muay Tai and aikido, you will definitely need to have a good memory. Developing that, gently but firmly, will have a massive effect on grades. Teachers will be pleased to see discipline and commitment. 


Oh, the beauty of it... Just watch Fight Quest! Martial arts are tremendously exciting and don’t get us started on traveling to ancient temples in China to take part in fighting championships. How about staying in a 5-star hotel in Japan for a 100-man-Kumite? That’s probably a little early for your 8-year-old, but anyway, nothing beats adventure. Kids know that. You know that. Is there a better gift? 


You won’t find anything better than a martial art to enable your young adult to learn to persevere in the face of adversity. Life is a beach only for trust fund kids from LA and yoga practitioners (and it’s really grand if you’re both). For the rest of us, every day comes with some kind of a surprise, from cutting yourself on a can of beans and general exhaustion to global financial crises and $5000 hospital bills. Dealing with life’s many sucker punches takes courage, and where better to prophylactically learn to take a hit than at a martial arts studio? 


True, youshould probably pay serious attention when you choose an instructor but almost all martial arts folk we've ever come across are beautiful people. And we’re not just saying that. Especially at universities, there is so much laughter, joy, and party happening in class that if you even had worries and problems to begin with you’ll certainly forget about them when the lesson begins. 

Martial arts are perfect for shy kids who aren’t really into socializing, and they are terrific for those with already developed soft skills. The famous saying is normally attributed to Liverpool fans, but no truer words were ever said about martial art studios all over the world: 

You Will Never Walk Alone.