An Interview with Britain's Youngest Heavyweight, Jay Carrigan-McFarlane

An Interview with Britain's Youngest Heavyweight, Jay Carrigan-McFarlane

Check out below for what one of Scotland's youngest rising heavyweight stars had to say after we asked him about his boxing journey so far.


  1. You’re still a very young fighter at just 19. How has it been for you being exposed to such bright lights so early? What have you learnt so far?

It was incredible the amount I have learned just through the whole fight week with press conferences, weigh-ins, multiple interviews and obviously fight night was all


  1. You’ve stated how you dislike how the amateur game is run. Could you elaborate on that? How could it be improved?

 When I was fighting amateur it was more fencing than it was fighting, but I have nothing against the amateur game it just didn't flatter my style of fighting


  1. You’re fighting in a rematch on Saturday. How difficult was it to overcome that loss you feel was wrongwith you? What have you done differently this time around?

 It was a very bitter pill to swallow but I am strong minded and brushed myself of and got back to work, straight away taking a hugely risky fight in Jone Valou in which I proved my self


  1. You’ve stated you feel that undefeated records are heavily padded nowadays. What are your thoughts on fighters like Joshua and Mayweather who boast unbeaten runs?

 Don't get me wrong it's nice having that status but i think it shows more grit, heart and determination to keep comeback at every setback


  1. Heavyweight boxing is seen as lacking contenders right now. Do you feel this is a fair comment? What are your thoughts on the current landscape?

 I think there are many contenders but not many of them are willing to fight


  1. There are currently a huge amount of British stars in boxing right now in Joshua, De Gale, Eubank Jr, Yafai as well as more established stars such as Brook and Khan. You’ve also got Eddie Hearn doing very well on the promotional side of things – how do you feel about British boxing as a whole?

Boxing has become a household sport again, felt as if it had died down for a while but with the massive shows that are being put on by likes of Matchroom, Boxnation, MTK etc, everyone's talking about it


  1. What are your goals? Following the bout on Saturday, where do you see yourself in the next few years?

My goal is to win belts, be involved in mega fights and entertain the boxing fans


  1. Would you consider yourself a fan of the sport? Do you watch fights in your spare time? Is there anyone in particular you admire?

I love the sport but the fights and fighters I watch were the real old school one, like your Jack Dempseys, Rocky Marcianos proper fighters


  1. Who is it you look up to as a boxer? Past or present?

 Jack Dempsey is my favourite fighter of all time


  1. How do you see your bout this weekend going? How will it be different to last time?

I see it being an early night for me I'm feeling good and I intend to up my work rate and push the fight from start to finish


  1. There is, of course, a huge main event on the same night. Will you be watching and who is your pick to win between GGG and Canelo?

It's an incredibly hard fight to call, it all depends on how well Canelo holds a shot, Golovkin is a power house, I think GGG late on stoppage or Canelo points


Tonight, Jay looks to avenge his loss against David Howe in Glasgow, at the MTK Scotland’s Boxing Dinner Club. We wish Jay all the best!