Kristen aiming to make history again

Kristen aiming to make history again

Kristen “TFE” Fraser will be bidding to make history again on 24th November as she will be the first Scottish female to fight for a Commonwealth Title. Already having broke the mould by becoming the first female boxer from Scotland to turn professional (TFE standing for the first ever) she will headline the upcoming Northern Sporting Club bill at the Doubletree Hilton in Aberdeen.


Undefeated in all her 5 so far fights the girl from the granite city has also developed a granite mindset when it comes to taking on her opponents and thinking about her future.


“I’m really excited about this fight, it’s a combination of everything I’ve done so far and for it to be for the Commonwealth Title is amazing. It’s also a big turning point as well as once you have a title like that, it’s no longer going to be about having learning fights after this. It will set me up for even bigger fights down the line, but also sets me up as someone to be chased down as well so it will be a real turning point in my boxing career. If I want to go and sit on my backside for 6 months I would lose all my momentum so I really have to push forward once I win this title”


Acknowledging her place in the history books should she win this fight Kristen was well aware what this Title could mean for her and who had gone before her.


“Stacey Copeland and Nina Bradley have both won the Commonwealth so I would be the 3rd in the UK to have done it but the first from Scotland. I’m going down a weight for this fight and we have been looking at the division and the potential opportunities for big fights that could be made and who have the belts at present. The ideal plan would be to obviously win this Title then get out again in February and after that hopefully aim for some bigger Titles later in the year. I’ll see how I get on at Bantamweight but as long as I can do the weight sensibly and keep it there then I see no reason why I can’t compete in that division for a good while. I’ve got a really good strength and conditioning coach and he is helping me turn more weight into muscle. If I struggle then I could go back up to super bantam as I’m strong enough for that but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a good chin and can take a whack so I know no one is going to be able to hurt me”


In terms of who will be standing in her way and trying to hurt her is 21 yr. old Ellen Simwaka who fights out of South Africa and brings a record of 7 wins including 5 KO’s 4 losses and 2 draws. Kristen admitted she did not know too much about her.


“I tend not to get overly bent out of shape about my opponents and I don’t know an awful lot about this one either to be honest. Having had 2 fights fairly close together I’m still really sharp but we have got some sparring arranged over the next few weeks and will make sure no corners are cut to be ready for this”


Having gone 7 rounds in her last fight before stopping an awkward southpaw in Rozmari Silyanova Kristen has no issues about having the stamina to go a full hard 10 championship rounds if required.


“10 rounds won’t cause me any problems as my engine has always been my thing. I train really hard to make sure my fitness is there so even if I have to go hell for leather in every round I could do that no problem. I would actually prefer 3-minute rounds to be honest instead of the 2-minute ones as sometimes it takes you a minute to get going and start to grind an opponent down and then you only have another minute to get the job finished”


Women’s boxing is on the rise and Kristen is playing her part at the forefront of this, conceding there is still a lot more to be done in developing the sport she opened up on her thoughts.


“It’s so important to push it forward, I think it’s fair to say that people like myself may not see the full benefit of it but it will come and if I can help play a part in that then I’d be very proud. The grassroots in women’s boxing needs more development and we need more coverage and need more televised fights to help push it further. Chantelle Cameron was fighting in a World Title fight the other week and it didn’t even make Channel 5 and was pushed on to Spike which is a shame and we deserve better”


By the time Kristen steps into the ring it will be just over 18 months since her debut, seeming content at how quickly this opportunity has come around Kristen was adamant she was ready.


“I knew I would be moved on quickly but didn’t really expect it to be this quick, in fairness with women’s boxing you can be moved quickly. I’m happy with the pace we are moving at, I’m 30 now and it’s not like I’m going to be doing this for the next 10 years. I’m on a roll and feel I’m coming to my peak so I want to make the most of it”


Northern Sporting Club are going from strength to strength and this looks to not only be the most exciting show they have put on but also the biggest card they will have put on. With Kristen obviously headlining this one she explained what the fans can expect to see from her on the night.


“I’m not going to be messing about, I’m against a good competent opponent who’s hungry for the title as well and is coming to win so it’s going to be a fight. If the fans have come to see a fight then they are going to get what they paid for, I will do anything necessary to take that title home. It’s my home, it’s my show and it’s my fans and she is going nowhere with that belt. I will fight and grind her down until I get it. I’m going in strong and expect to get a clear win and maybe even another stoppage, after stopping my last opponent I’m getting the knack for it so here’s hoping I can get another one!”