Marc Kerr confident of stoppage in Scottish Title contest

Marc Kerr confident of stoppage in Scottish Title contest

Marc Kerr was relishing the chance to be fighting Iain Trotter for the Scottish Middleweight Title on the undercard of the “Scotland’s Finest” bill which is headlined by Josh Taylor against Humberto Soto at the SSE Hydro on 3rd March. I caught up with Marc to discuss the fight, how he sees it going and what his plans are going forward.

What do you know about Iain in terms of strengths and weaknesses?

“I don’t know much about him to be honest, he’s been on one of our MTK shows before but I didn’t pay close attention to it. I think he put in a good performance but I don’t really know too much about him. I know as he is a Billy Nelson fighter he will be fit and he will be durable so I do expect a tough competitive fight”

This will be your first step up to a 10 rounder, it might not sound a lotas you’ve done 8 before but it’s a big difference?

“Yes, 6 minutes when you’re exhausted and breathing heavy is a long time in boxing. I’m happy I got an 8 rounder under my belt and that lets me push on now to the 10 rounds. I feel physically ready so it’s just about trying my hardest to get the correct sparring and workouts in the gym and hopefully, it will show on the night. It will be a tough 10 rounds and competitive for every second but I feel I’m ready for this fight”

You were already in training for a 10 rounder anyway as you were due to fight Michael McGurk for the Scottish Super- Welterweight Title until he got injured?

“I was prepared for the 10 rounds since December and it was unfortunate what happened to Michael. I was disappointed not to get the title fight but to get an 8 round fight booked in was ideal preparation. I took a couple of days off to refresh my body and then it was back into training camp again. I still feel fit and I just want to add on to what I have previously done”

It must be frustrating when a fight gets cancelled at short notice?

“Definitely, it felt draining at first as you want those opportunities and you get all mentally prepared for it but these things happen in boxing so you just have to get on with it and adapt. It was disappointing that it never came off but hopefully one day down the line it can be made again as I was looking forward to it and I think the crowd would have enjoyed it”

Before you went pro, all of your contests were white collar fights, what got you into boxing?

“I had around 40 white collar fights, I did try and go amateur about 2014 but back then it was hard to move over from white collar to amateur. I originally started boxing for fitness; I’d never done anything as tough before and really enjoyed it. I got offered the chance to do the white collar and I enjoyed competing, it went from there and got bigger and bigger. I’ve trained with Sam Kynoch since the very beginning so it’s great that he is now my trainer as a pro. I’m a big boxing fan and I always enjoyed watching the sport before I trained, when I first started watching boxing it was guys like Ricky Hatton, Matthew Macklin and Jamie Moore that I liked. It was incredible to go from watching these guys to ending up sparring with Macklin and now I’m in his stable, it’s a crazy sort of feeling”

What type of fight do you think it will be with Iain as he is more of a boxer, will you try and drag him into a war?

“I will prepare for both outcomes, if he wants to come and stand toe to toe then fine but I also feel I can outbox him. If he wants to make it a war then I think that would suit me more than it will suit him. I do plan on making it tough for him and making it hard work for him in every second of the fight. I’ll make him fight at my pace and drag him into a battle”

This will be your first step up to Middleweight, any worries about the size of Iain?

“It’s the opportunity to fight for a Scottish Title on a massive show and I feel that sometimes you’ve just got to take those risks. He’s a tall boy but I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and I’ll see what he’s like in the ring”

He has gone on record that he sees this as a fairly straightforward fight for him, what are your own thoughts?

“I actually think it’s very simple for me, he’s one dimensional and he will struggle with the pace I set”

Your only defeat was at the Hydro previously, any superstitions or bad memories?

“I’m not superstitious in any way, I know I was beaten at the Hydro but I just know that’s the only wrong I have to correct in my pro career. I know what mistakes I made I want to go and right that wrong so that’s an incentive to me. I know what it’s like to fight at the Hydro now so I will make sure it doesn’t happen again”

It’s a great line up on the show, how does it feel being involved?

“It’s a great card with all Scottish fights, it’s the first time I’ve seen a show at the Hydro that has this level of Scottish boxers competing against each other. It makes it for a better overall show with Scottish Titles and Commonwealth Titles on the line and it’s all on home soil. You know you are in for a good night of boxing and that’s what people want to see”

Looking ahead to after this fight what do you see happening?

“I don’t plan on staying at middleweight so I’m just taking this opportunity to win a title but I don’t expect to have any other fights at middleweight. I’ll go back down to super- welterweight and hopefully, I can box once more before the summer and depending what opportunities arise I’ll take them or chase any other domestic fights that are up here. I’d like to win another Scottish title or if there were any other domestic title shots available I’d happily take them. I’m open to fighting anyone so it will be great if we can get something to happen.

Moving onto prediction time, Marc was in no doubt how he saw the fight going?

“I think I stop him in the last 3 rounds”

Tickets are still available from Marc Kerr through Facebook or Twitter or via the MTK Gym Scotland on 07554 377761

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