Interview with Skyaxe Fighter, Paul Kean

Interview with Skyaxe Fighter, Paul Kean

Check out below for what Skyaxe fighter, Paul Kean had to say after we asked him a few questions about his boxing journey so far:
  1. What got you intoboxing to begin with?

 I have been involved in combat sports since the age of 3 starting with kickboxing with my dad's club Skyaxe In Dundee my grandad and also my dad both boxed as amateurs and I always loved boxing and after watching the Rocky films with my grandad ray at a young age, I just became obsessed with the sport I never boxed until I was 18 because I focused on kickboxing and then when winning my 3rd world full contact title, I knew it was now or never and made the switch.


  1. Who are your boxing idols – past & present?

My idols growing up were Muhammad Ali obviously who in boxing doesn'tidolise the man and later Ricky Hatton. I loved the whole show with Ricky with the fan base even the ring entrance and love the thought of the big fan base. Now I really like Anthony Joshua. A total professional and the way he trains fights and conducts himself is something you look up to.


  1. How has camp gone in the lead up to your fight?

This camp couldn't have gone anybetter to be honest, each camp seems to be getting better and better, just making slight improvements every time and hopefully it comes together on fight night. I've had top notch sparring with Willie Limmond this camp andlearnt alot.


  1. Do you ever struggle to make weight?

I always make sure I do the weight well and I've recently just had a nutritionist come on board, Harry Ogg from Muscle Excess and Body Tone Warehouse, so this will make my lifea lot easier, leaving nothing to chance.


  1. How would you describe your style?

 I'm a switch-hitting counter attacker and like to outthink and over work my opponent and like I said, adding more each camp so we can add different dimensions to my game so I don't just have one style and can change things up during a fight.


  1. If you could fight anyone from the past in a ‘super fight’, who would it be and why?

Sugar Ray Leonard. I would love to share a ring with such a boxingmasterclass even though I'd get beat up, I'd enjoy the experience... maybe.


  1. What are your goals for the next 12 – 18 months?

I want to bring a big show to Dundee. I've had a great support so far in my 4 pro fights bringing over 150 to Paisley for one of my fights so I would love to get a fight on my doorstep and hopefully be pushing for titles in the next year or so.


Paul fights on Friday the 15th of September at the Boxing Dinner Club. Proudly presented by Sam Kynoch.