Two of the Hottest Prospects in Manchester

Two of the Hottest Prospects in Manchester

Firstly we have Zelfa Barrett; a lightning quick 24 year old from a region called Harpurhey in the bustling city of Manchester and befitting of his moniker, Brown Flash, is lighting up the super featherweight division in fantastic style. Barrett is a successful product of the Collyhurst & Moston; a gym where he is trained and mentored by his uncle, Pat Barret; the same Pat Barret that was known as Black Flash and won the British & European titles. Having someone of that pedigree as both his uncle and trainer provides Zelfa with someone that can hone his already impressive skills, as well as give him someone great to try and emulate.

Previously, the Manchester born fighter has brashly stated that he’ll win a world title by the age of 27 in honour of his uncle, and has his heart set on the WBC belt. But for now, it’s all about dominating at the domestic level and proving he is the best super featherweight in the UK. So, having put together 18 successive wins, with 11 coming by way of knock-out, Barrett is quickly progressing through the levels, and is definitely knocking on the door of a domestic title shot. Most, including Zelfa and his team, believe that he is more than ready to compete at that level, and most recently destroyed Jordan Ellison, who is by no means a weak opponent, with a devastating shot in the first round. Backed by Black Flash Promotions, BoxNation and BT Sport, Zelfa has all that he needs to start navigating his way through the ranks.

Next on the horizon is a fight on towards the back end of this year, with an opponent still to be announced, but providing he glides through that bout, a bigger and better opponent should be in front of him come the end of the year. When asked about his progression before his previous fight against Ellison, Barrett stated … “I have a team of people around me and advise my path to the best of their knowledge, so I come along at the right pace. So when I fight for titles, I win them and keep them. My ambition is to be an undisputed world champion, be recognised in boxing history as a great boxer who took on and beat all comers. I hope that doesn’t sound big headed or anything but I believe to be the best at something you have to believe one hundred percent in it with a passion and I fully believe in myself and my dream.”

Secondly, there is Lyndon Arthur; a former member of the prestigious GB squad, ‘King’ Arthur is quickly gaining the attention of more and more people as he makes noise in the light heavyweight division. Having turned professional late last year at the age of 25, Arthur, who is now 26, has speedily bulldozed his way through all 7 of his opponents, 6 of those finishing early. This has appropriately given him a reputation of being a devastating puncher, but where most inexperienced professionals solely target the head, the young light heavyweight attacks the body; this highlights the excellent armoury of shots that he has developed throughout his amateur career that he has now transitioned over to the pro game.

Having recently featured on the same Black Flash Promotions show as Zelfa Barret and a multitude of other Mancunian talent, Arthur put on a stunning display against Istvan Orsos. Orsos is a durable journeyman, but Arthur quickly dismantled him with hurtful body punches that stopped the fight in the second round. Especially on the British scene, it is possible to fly through up the ranks with successive wins, and although he is only 7 fights into his professional career, Lyndon Arthur could be at domestic title level before you know it. Stay up to date with his progression; like Barrett, his next fight will be towards the end of the year.