What To Eat Before You Train

What To Eat Before You Train

What you expect to shed after each kickboxing class depends on what you take in. Makes sense? Picture this: if you don’t eat the right food before a workout, including its right amount, you might risk being counterproductive. You could have your energy completely depleted in the middle of a workout. You could leave your body or any muscle prone to strain or injury. It helps to keep in mind that your body needs food especially in vigorous activities like kickboxing. Your body needs sufficient energy to perform and maintain certain active tasks. It will also help to protect your body’s overall health.

You might ask, what kind of food?  How many calories does my body need? When is the best time to eat before a workout?

Naturally, it will take time for you to know what food works best for your body. It is, however, highly recommended for you to observe the 200-300 calorie per snack. This includes a variety of carbs and lean protein that need to be taken at around an hour before a workout. 

Let’s dig into some healthy snacks that can help you in your workout:



You might have heard of banana as one of the most common fruits. But what you might not have heard of is it is also rich in several essential nutrients. These nutrients will help you to avoid dizziness and fatigue during any physical activity.

Bananas contain potassium which has a vital role in maintaining muscle function. Since our bodies release potassium through sweat, prolonged physical activities risk a potassium imbalance.  Eating bananas before work out will help you avoid irregular muscle cramps and discomfort.

Bananas also include manganese. This nutrient helps you in your metabolism. Manganese enables your body to gain more energy from your food intake and gives you more chances to have a higher performance in any physical performance.

Bananas also have carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can boost your body's power to maintain your stamina throughout the workout.



If you're fond of greek yoghurts, here's one fact that will make you love it even more: a cup full of this yummy snack contains proteins. If you mix it with a variety of fruits, you will have better benefits.



At first glance, it may seem like an odd combination but it is a good pair for your exercise session. One, an apple contains natural sugar. Two, the peanut butter has protein and good fats.

The next time you want something new in your palate, try this "odd combination". Not only will your palate enjoy; your body will thank you for it too.



This interesting combination of cottage cheese and fruit will give your body with much-needed nutrients.

A fruit has carbohydrates which can fuel your body with much-needed energy. Melded with proteins present in cottage cheese, this will help you to finish a workout without feeling dead tired.



Eggs are a good source of protein. Paired with whole-grain toast which contains complex carbohydrates, it will not only sustain your body throughout a workout session. It will also nourish your body by preserving or maintaining your body's energy.

 Essentially, what you take in matters. Being balanced in food with its basic nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins will not only improve your body muscle and shape. You will also find yourself truly enjoying the workout, thanks to the energy-giving food tips you just read.