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Do your boxing gloves, running shoes or kit bag start to easily smell after a few sessions?


Getting rid of the stench caused by sweating is a pain, given you must regularly wash your sports gear after every use. When you don’t have the time, mould and mildew build-up, making washing your equipment even more challenging.


You’re tired of washing your gear after every sporting session. Your boxing gloves, for one, are already difficult to clean. Your shoes, meanwhile, take days to dry under the sun. Is there an easy and effortless way to rid your equipment of odour effectively?


The A1 Fight OdoClear Bags absorb and eliminate foul odour without the tedious washing!


Enjoy non-toxic freshness with our pair of deodoriser bags. Made of fresh and natural bamboo charcoal crystals, our durable pouches remove unpleasant stink without masking it with toxic chemicals or fragrances.


Fully rechargeable, you can use them over and over for a year or more with proper maintenance. By placing the bags under the sun, UV rays activate the charcoal, purifying its cavities and making it absorbent again.


These deodoriser bags are sustainable and safe for the environment. When no longer in use, simply cut the pouches open and sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into soil, helping the soil absorb more moisture and nutrients.

  • Absorbs and eliminates the smell - unlike most that just mask it with another scent.
  • Non-toxic and chemical free - Because of its natural components, our pack of 2 deodorisers removes foul odours without filling the environment with chemicals.
  • Reusable and re-chargeable - To recharge, simply place your boxing glove or shoe deodoriser under direct sunlight once a month for 1 to 2 hours per side to reactivate the charcoal's power to absorb.
  • Organic and unscented - Crafted from 100% all-natural bamboo charcoal, this deodoriser filters, traps, and absorbs airborne moisture, preventing the formation of organisms that produce a foul smell.
  • Each bag designed specifically to easily fit into a pair of boxing gloves, or shoes

Is it one or two bags you get?



Do these go into smelly gloves, or can they be used for clear, new gloves?

Both. These can be used to remove the smell from your older gloves, and they can also be used in your new gloves to maintain the freshness.


What is actually inside the bags?

We make these with specially formulated activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal is a worldwide known product, known for absorbing odours and moisture.

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