A1 Pro Lightweight Shinguards

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Kick Harder, Safer, and Faster


Our pro shinguards are the ultimate blend of lightweight material, mixed with incredibly durable leather. 


Designed with to maintain protection, along with keeping the shinguards securely fastened to your legs, we have included heel, and sole straps, along with two hook and loop straps that secure comfortably and easily on your calves - because what's worse than your shinnies coming loose when your sparring?


Made with an A1FG Specific Foam to ensure that the shock is evenly distributed throughout the shinguards to certify that you never feel any pain or discomfort when striking.


Routinely tested by professional fighters, you can rest assured these shins are the best out there that money can buy.

  • Lightweight design to improve fighting functionality without compromising durability.
  • Hook and loop straps with heal and sole straps for a snug and secure fit.
  • A1FG Specific Foam to evenly distribute the loading shock when striking.
  • Tested and designed by professional fighters for optimum mobility.
  • Constructed to ensure that your new shinguards aren't falling apart after a few weeks. Unlike most, we aren't just slapping a logo on a random pair of shinguards. These shinguards are carefully crafted to give you the best product out there.


Suitable for, but not limited to: Suitable For: Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo

SizeUser HeightShinguard LengthFoot Pad Length
Small4ft 6" - 5ft 4"         31cm      14.5cm
Medium5ft 4" - 5ft 8"         33cm       15cm
Large  5ft 9" - 6ft         35cm      15.5cm
Extra Large    6ft 1" +         36.5cm       16cm

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