A1 Focus Pads

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The premium pair of focus pads for those looking improve their punching whether it's for speed, power or combination drilling. 


Our A1 focus pads are pulled together with nylon stitching for enhanced durability, along with a specially designed, A1-Foam to ensure that you can hit the pads as hard as you can, without damaging your wrists/hands, but also maintaining a superior level of comfort for the user holding the pads. 


Engineered with ventilated mesh for better breath-ability, along with a small soft grip on the inside of the pads for the user, you simply cannot go wrong with these. As always, our products are built to last.

  • Concealed finger compartments to decrease the likelihood of finger injuries. 
  • Specifically engineer A1-Jumbo Foam for long-lasting durability.
  • Routinely tested by professional fighters from all over Europe.
  • Small grip within the hand compartment for a more comfortable experience for the pad holder.
  • Built with back end ventilation for better air flow and breath-ability. 

Is this the price for one focus pad, or two?

Two! They come as a pair.


What sports are these suitable for?

Our focus pads are suitable for but not limited to: Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Personal Protection.


Are these kids' sizes, or adults?

They are for the sizing of an adult/teenager.

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