About Us

Founded in 2016, A1 Fight Gear is one of the leading manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Creating and crafting combat sports equipment for the likes of Virgin Active, IBF World Champion Tevin Farmer, Daniel Dubois, SBG Gyms, UFC Fighters, Cage Warriors Champions, and much, much more. We also donate equipment through our charitable campaign A1 Glove Giveback, which aims to uplift underprivileged communities through the art of combat sports.

The aim of A1 Fight Gear was always to make a difference. Whilst training for an upcoming boxing bout, I realised that my boxing gloves were deteriorating at a rapid rate. I found it difficult to find a boxing glove that met my required expectations. From this point on, I wanted to create a product that embodied quality, felt comfortable and was cost effective.

My vision for A1 Fight Gear was to make incredibly high-quality equipment for an affordable price, but this task was more difficult than I first imagined. Finding a reputable supplier was a challenge, and we faced a major setback when our first supplier did not meet our quality standards. The A1 logo on the glove was not applied correctly, causing the logo to peel off relatively easily. Although this was sellable, we refused to sell our customers a sub-par product. This was an incredibly frustrating time, but we refused to give up on our dream of supplying a high-quality boxing glove.

Although the first batch of A1 Fight Gear gloves was not perfect, we didn't let them go to waste. These were given away to struggling clubs and gyms across the UK free of charge. This is now a yearly charity that is called the A1 Glove Giveback Campaign. We have given over 100+ pairs of free boxing gloves to clubs all over the United Kingdom. We have helped aid gyms that have faced extremely hard times, and we will continue to play our part in helping communities in need.

The first manufacturer may have not been the right fit for us here at A1 Fight Gear, but we didn't let this discourage us from meeting our mission plan. This was an agonising process, but we are now extremely proud to be working with one of the best manufacturing teams in the world. They supply us with products made at the highest of quality and we strongly believe that A1 Fight Gear can go head to head with any other combat sports brand!

Throughout the design process, I fell in love with seeing something that I created in my head turn into a physical product that I could work with and train with. To this day, this is still something that I have an immense passion for.

The A1 story has only just begun. We aim to continue to bring high-quality products to the global combat sports market, whilst maintaining our connection to underprivileged communities through our A1 Glove Give Back Campaign.

We hope that you can join us and become a part of the A1 Story.